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About us

It all started back in 2014. From the story of how cool my brother is spending time with friends playing quests in the city of N, and that this new theme of entertainment has overflowed their city. With delight brother told how it is unusual and fun. And thus, gave me the idea of creating quest rooms in Odessa.
And so we began the search for screenwriters, props, electricians, electronics engineers, engineers, builders and premises, all this happened at lightning speed! One of the most interesting moments in all this was the room, when we entered it, it was, littered with garbage was not in it, nothing! But we did not give up, for 6 months of sleepless nights, we cleaned out and brought in perfect condition!
And here it is the long-awaited discovery of our first child - "Mysteries of the Pharaoh" this quest still works! We did not stop at one quest room, we have 5 of them now and continue to build more.
Much work has been done! Thanks to all our dear players who come back to us - these are the best reviews when we see you again!
Thank you so much to everyone in the Qzone team!
Since 2017, Qzone is a trademark!
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